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Sabbatical leave – instructions (CH)

What do you need to be aware of when applying for sabbatical leave in terms of dealing with the pension fund, AVS and insurance?

It all depends: if your employee is paid during his/her leave, then 1st and 2nd pillar contributions are maintained.

If not, be sure to inform your employee of the following, as the consequences can be serious:


If the employee’s main residence remains in Switzerland, the obligation to contribute to the 1st pillar (AVS/AI) continues. Abroad, the obligation to contribute ceases, but it is sometimes possible to make voluntary contributions to the AVS/AI to avoid pension gaps.


Unpaid leave can leave a gap in your pension fund. However, this can be avoided by making voluntary 2nd pillar contributions. Contributions can be made after the fact, as “buy-backs”.

3rd PILLAR (FISCA account/private pension provision) :

restrictions apply in the event of a leave of absence of one calendar year or more.


This will no longer be valid 31 days after entitlement to at least half salary ceases. In the event of a prolonged period without pay, you may wish to advise the employee to take out “conventional” insurance, which extends the company’s accident insurance for up to six months.


You can also recommend that they extend their daily sickness benefit insurance accordingly.

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