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Outsourcing: succeeding together

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is when a company calls on an external service provider to carry out certain operations directly or indirectly linked to its business. Literally, an “external source” of services. This concept should not be confused with subcontracting.

Being a supplier of outsourced services enables us to understand how this system works from the inside and to manage this method of collaboration as effectively as possible, both upstream and downstream.

Calling on experts

At Ekspert, we provide this type of service, but we also use it: our customers call on us to carry out their accounting and payroll management, and we delegate some of our internal tasks.

We currently outsource part of our IT department, including server administration, network administration and telephony. We also commission trusted external service providers to carry out some of our HR management and certain aspects of marketing.

To each his own!

By handing over part of their workload to specialists, our customers can devote themselves entirely to their core business with complete peace of mind: outsourcing allows companies to concentrate on their core business, in other words their main activity, without worrying about the ancillary tasks that are certainly necessary for the smooth running of the professional structure, but which are often complex and time-consuming.

But beware: a common mistake is to outsource a process that is causing a problem. Believing that outsourcing the problem will solve it is a recipe for disaster and guaranteed failure. It is essential to resolve the problem with the process before outsourcing it. Solving the problem also leads to a better understanding of the process, and therefore to its successful outsourcing.

Wanting to outsource a process must also mean wanting to build a long-term partnership with the service provider of your choice. And in this partnership, each player must take and keep responsibility for ensuring that things run smoothly.

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