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How much does payroll management really cost? (CH)

And how can you make it more profitable?

In the world of HR and finance, cutting costs is often at the top of the priority list. This drive to optimizing costs intensified after the pandemic to ensure long-term business continuity.

Did you know that, on average, remuneration accounts for 50-60% of a company’s expenditure?
The cost of running payroll varies depending on a number of factors, including the size of the business, the payroll operating model and the cantons/countries where employees are based. If you manage payroll in-house, costs include the purchase of software licences, installation of hardware and software, as well as the human and material resources required to run the payroll and maintain and upgrade the payroll infrastructure. Companies therefore need to think strategically about payroll management.
And that’s where Ekspert – a payroll specialist and Abacus partner – comes in!
Opting for an outsourced payroll management system can result in substantial savings, ranging from 15% to 35%.
Let’s see how:

  1. Reduced compliance costs: outsourcing compliance monitoring to a payroll provider avoids the costs associated with ensuring compliance with local employment laws, thereby reducing potential penalties.
  2. Reduced direct costs: choosing an outsourced payroll solution reduces the time and therefore the costs spent on entering HR data into the CRM and on finding answers to employees’ questions (tax, employment law, pensions, family allowances, etc.).
  3. Elimination of payroll errors: payroll errors can lead to costly staff turnover. A unified payroll reduces pay errors, which translates into significant savings in terms of recruitment and integration.
  4. Increased efficiency of the payroll process: payroll outsourcing enables many of the related tasks to be automated, reducing the time spent on tedious processes and allowing you to concentrate on higher value-added tasks.
  5. Efficient payroll reporting: consolidated payroll reports provides easy access to reliable data, reducing the time needed to draw up reports and enabling faster, more informed decisions.

In addition, it is important to consider hidden costs, such as the integration, training and replacement of payroll professionals, as well as system maintenance costs.
By outsourcing payroll processing, companies can convert the fixed cost of payroll administration into a variable cost, based on the number of employees and company sites involved. This offers greater flexibility and savings on a large scale.
In conclusion, while the issue of payroll cost is important, it is essential to consider the potential savings and long-term financial benefits of an efficient and cost-effective payroll.

By entrusting payroll management to specialists such as Ekspert, Abacus partner, companies can not only make substantial savings, but also benefit from cutting-edge expertise in the field of payroll management and salary administration in Switzerland.

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