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What’s New in 2024 ? (CH)

A TRUE FLEXIBLE RETIREMENT: from 1 January 2024, the concept of retirement age will be replaced by that of reference age in Switzerland, offering a more flexible retirement with measures such as flexible receipt of pensions and anticipation of payment of pensions between the ages of 66 and 70.

HARMONISATION OF THE REFERENCE AGE FOR WOMEN AND MEN: the retirement age for women will be gradually increased from 64 to 65 as of Jan. 1st 2025, harmonising in 2028.

REFERENCE AGE FOR OCCUPATIONAL PROVISION (LPP-2E PILIER): the reference age for occupational provision will be aligned with that of the AVS, offering similar possibilities between the ages of 63 and 70, as well as partial retirement.

HOME OFFICE FOR BORDER WORKERS: for French border workers, up to 40% of their working time may be spent at home; for Italian border workers, up to 25% of their contractual working time may be spent working from home.

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