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At ekspert, we are aware of the role we need to play in tackling climate change and preserving the environment by reducing our own footprint. In 2023, ekspert is reinforcing its commitment by applying measures at both employees and company’s levels. ekspert’s ESG rating is : B

ekspert is committed to apply the following :


  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Implementation of an environmental taskforce (2 employees per site)
  • Set tangible energy-friendly objectives and publicly report on progress on our website
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the environmental risks
  • Provide employees with information and best practices
  • Engage employees to adopt ecologically responsible behaviours
  • Encourage mobility (flexible working hours)


  • Use efficiently the office space and conference rooms
  • Engage with landlord to integrate environmental considerations on building (solar panels to complete our heat pump system in CH)
  • Give preference to renewable energy (85% comes from hydraulic energy in CH, central heating from the city in DE, solar panels in AT)
  • Minimize resource consumption, including energy, water and paper.
  • Consider life-cycle of purchased equipment and furniture (second-hand sales to employees)
  • Engage in providing 100% envelope-free salary slips to own and client’s employees
  • Reduce the printing or use recycled paper (fully digitalized activity)


  • Reduce levels of generated waste, re-use and recycle waste material, e.g. refillable toners,  re-chargeable batteries for mouse/pads)
  • Reduce use of air-conditioning and heating, encourage appropriate clothing and use outside blinds/windows
  • No automatic switch of lights during day time, no lights during night time, low consumption LEDs bulbs
  • Encourage switching off screens and appliances when leaving offices in the evening
  • Travel responsibility to minimize emissions, encourage train vs. plane whenever possible
  • Optimize video conferences instead of business travels
  • Encourage partial home office to reduce daily commuting
  • Provide office’s cafeteria daily menu to reduce car use and take-away disposable packaging, encourage local and healthy food, use tap water instead of  PET
  • Separate waste collection (paper, glass, PET are being recycled)
  • Give preference to local sourcing and cloud